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Keep your well and increase your water pressure and supply

Hydraulic fracturing is an advanced process using high pressure water injections to help increase the flow of water into your well. Our technique uses only potable water to ensure against any potential to cause environmental damage.

If you've noticed a reduction in water pressure, you may be experiencing the effects of issues taking place in your bedrock. We address those issues by increasing the size of bedrock fractures, or flushing out blockages in the bedrock fractures that feed your water supply.

Hydraulic fracturing: it's a real blast

The process is relatively simple but requires the know-how and equipment of a skilled and experienced expert.


We lower an inflatable packer through your well to a distance of at least 60 feet below the surface. This packer is capable of delivering up to 3000 pounds of water per square inch. The pressure system created is responsible for flushing out impediments in your system.

Opt for a better water supply

We're proud to offer a comprehensive menu of well creation and maintenance services as a way of providing you with a healthier, tastier, and financially advantageous alternative to the public water supply.  


Let us help you with our well drilling, water pumps,  water treatment, and inspection services.

Safe and effective techniques to improve your well

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